Why Apoggee?


Apoggee is an Online Islamic products company dedicated to putting faith into fashion.  We understand your need and we go out of our way to meet it. We also offer you a wide selection of styles and brands, 100% convenience with our 24/7 online access from your home or office, secure payment such as Bank Deposit/Online banking and Cash on Delivery, exceptional customer care service, Fast next-day delivery and returns after 7 days and lots more.

Apoggee also aspires to be a model Islamic business. We follow fair trade and ethical labor practices, pursue a path of perfection by offering products of the highest standards, and apply Islamic financial and investment principles, avoiding interest-based financing.

Our Focus is on delivering quality customer service, We pride ourself on delivering quality assistance and delivering a seamless approach to helping every customer through phone, calls, chats, emails and support tickets.

Our Product Line

Apoggee is your one stop shop for anything Islamic. You do not need to shop around to get what you want. Get all your wants at Apoggee and get them delivered to you promptly. Our range of products includes:

  • BOOKS:   Fiqh, Hadith, Islamic Literatures, Quran
  • HOME DESIGN: Wall design, Table design, Islamic inscriptions
  • ISLAMIC MEDICINE: All range of Islamic medicine
  • SHOES: Flats, Flip Flops, High Heels, Sandals, Sneakers
  • CAP: Male and Female
  • CLOTHINGS: Gowns, Jalabias, Shirts, Tops, Hijabs, Jelbab, Long Skirt

Why Shop On Apoggee

  • All products sold on apoggee.com are brand new and 100% genuine
  • All products on Apoggee are Halaal
  • All products go through Quality Check to further confirm that they’re 100% genuine
“Excellent customer service is our Attitude not a Department”
  • Easy returns : No charges if cancelled within 24 hours
  • Free shipping anywhere across Lagos for orders above N15,000 (Dispatch within 2-3 Days)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Best prices guaranteed across all products
  • We offer you with Unbeatable prices both online and in your local market
  • Transparency in our Pricing
  • Shopping on Apoggee is convenient for anyone, anytime
  • No more waiting in line and pushing through crowds, everything you ever wanted just a click away
  • Find items you might not see in stores


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